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21st Century urges you to exercise discretion and good common sense while browsing the Internet using it's service. The service may direct you to sites containing information that some people may find offensive or inappropriate. 21st Century makes no representations concerning any endeavour to review the content of sites listed within our service or any of the Materials, and so 21st Century isn't responsible for the accuracy, copyright compliance, legality or decency of the material contained in sites listed within it's service or in the Materials it contains.

SPAM (Unsolicited Email) Policy

21st Century has since 1999 taken an initiative to combat SPAM designated as Unsolicited Emails. These emails are targeted at your mailbox without your consent, request or permission. Important to note that we do not take action immediately as some Marketing Companies will honour removal requests by Members and do not send SPAM continuously, however if a request is not honoured promptly action is taken.

Spam is not only a source of nuisance for the individual recipients, but also saddles any Internet providers with high costs. The unexpected delivery by a spammer of a large quantity of bulk mail can lead to instability of the mail servers. As a result Internet Service Providers find they are forced to invest in extra servers and load balancing to prevent harmful effects on the regular service provided. Internet Service Providers also suffer image damage because of spam, because many customers mistakenly accuse their own Internet Service Provider of being the cause of spam. Some Members may lay the responsibility directly with their current Internet Service Provider as a direct link between annoyance about Unsolicited Emails and cancellation of their service with the provider.

There are many companies targeting innocent people and for the majority of cases their aims and targets are children for the purposes of either undesirable marketing, gambling or pornography.


21st Century views privacy as of great concern to most users of the internet, and we are critical of this fact. We are aware and sensitive to the privacy concerns of our members and visitors to our Web site. No personal details of any type or form are kept online or accessible on the Internet.

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